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As your partner I can supply you high quality Internet leads?  I have them from many sources, including but not limited to, Facebook, Google, Zillow.comOp City Bold Leads, and from website.


There is a 30% referral fee on transactions. There is no upfront cost to you! This is a referral fee between both parties.


You will have to move your licensee to my broker, RealtedISG International Realty, this partnership is based on a referral partner fee and you must sign a team agreement and, you must subscribe to our CRM (Lions Desk) to receive and manage leads. 


Send an email to: to find out details on how to become a partner with


Please fill out the application below.  Please make sure that you supply all the required information at the same time as not to slow down the setup process.


If you have all stagnant leads that are old and you are doing nothing with them, I have an option for you to bring them back to life and make money using them correctly.  Partner with me at the 30% of any new business I generate for you from your old leads.  You’re doing nothing with them, so let’s make some money together as partners. 


I am using the most state of the art remarketing technology.  It will blow your mind away, all you have to do partner with me….

How does this technology work?


The Home Owners Listing Team uses state of the art technology to #list your home. See how it work. #ylopo #marketing #newlisting #justlisted #homeownerlistingteam If you are interested in partnering with me on a referral basis, I can bring you dead leads back to life. Scott Lehr Listing Rocket Home Owners Listing Team.

Just ask any of my other partners the success they are having.  Click here to see who they are: Click. If your interested in joining our team please click here. With this state of the art technology i can bring your old ignored leads back to life. Imagine having a system tell you when it’s time to reach out to your prospects and connect. We guess what, it’s here, we are currently doing it. The Listing Team is 25 Strong now and still growing.

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